After suffering a recent bereavement due to mental health, I know first-hand how difficult and devastating mental health problems can be. The steps I have taken to help me get back on track during the hardest of days are ones which I know can benefit people in similar situations. These are steps I want to share with all of you particularly those who need it most.

Therefore, I am proud to present Move Your Mind – Mental Health and Fitness, a new fitness label combining both mental and physical health to help deal with the serious mental health issues in our city and beyond. This program is designed to help people who are in a dark place struggling with their mental health in what I believe is the best and most positive way possible.


I have released a Move Your Mind clothing label to raise awareness for Mental Health and created a system as an incentive for people to support where I will put 10% of each item purchased into the Move Your Mind fund. From that fund, I will buy those struggling with their mental health and need it most a weekly day pass into the gym and access onto the free class system to support them over a 3 month period. Each class will be made up of 15 people and each individual will be provided with a Move Your Mind wellness pack.